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Read The Code

This project(RTC) is aimed to simplify the process of reading source code.

The idea of this project came to me when I was studying many open source project. During this process I've made a lot annoying jobs like find the definition of method, class, variable and etc., find usages of method, class, variable in the project.

How it should work: it should be at least two panel editor, when the user double clicked on variable in source code, then RTC scans the project and find all definitions and usages which related exactly to clicked object and then found information displayed in the next panel. The same functionality to classes, modules and etc.

What's done: RTC parses the source code and generates a list of nodes. Every node has coordinates row and line. Pass the (sort of clicked) node to search method and then it should return all nodes which related to given node. So far RTC processes very simple ruby code, it can't understand 'include', 'extend' and other key words.

There are other great ideas but let's do what's noted.

The project is based on/forked from