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codemetre is a console-based tool that determines the number of physical source lines of a file. It means that once comments have been filtered, every non-empty line counts as 1. codemetre is also able to produce the number of comment lines. codemetre recognizes different languages, currently Ada, C, C++, Eiffel, HTML, Shell script and SQL (mySQL flavour).

One interesting feature of codemetre is that it can produce differential metrics, according to different models. So that one can measure effort between two versions of a same file for example.

It is written in Eiffel, more precisely SmartEiffel and is currently fully compatible with 2.3 version of the compiler. Nevertheless, pre-compiled source (in ANSI C language) is made available for easy distribution, and also RPM package designed for Fedora distribution.

Translation welcome ! Now codemetre supports i18n/l10n, first translations in english and french are available. You are invited to propose translation of the output messages in your own language.

Proposals for enhancement are also welcome: which languages would you like to see supported, what other features do you require? Do not hesitate to contact me.

You can also find a performance comparison report here

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