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This repository contains the flat command line interface.

It is a shell wrapper that uses the docker image sevenvaltechnologies/flatrunner.

Documentation on FLAT can be found at sevenval/flat-docs.


Download the flat file and put it into your shell path:

$ curl -O
$ chmod +x flat
$ mv flat /usr/local/bin

(You might need sudo or be root to execute the last mv command).

flat cli uses bash and docker.


Usage: flat [command] [ -p PORT ] [ -d DEBUG ] [ -a ] [ TESTFILE ... ] [ DIRECTORY ]


start             start flat (uses -p, -d, -a and DIRECTORY)
stop              stop a running flat instance (uses -p and DIRECTORY)
test              run a flat-test file (uses -d, TESTFILE and DIRECTORY)
pull              pull latest flatrunner docker image and exit
check-template    check a template from the command line

start params:
-p      Listen port, default: 8080
-d      Debug parameters, default: *:error:log
-a      Output access logs in addition to error logs
DIR     FLAT app directory, default: .

test params:
-d       Debug parameters, default: *:error:log
TESTFILE FLAT test flow(s)
DIR      FLAT app directory, default: .

stop params:
-p      Listen port, default: 8080
DIR     FLAT app directory, default: .

check-template params:
FILE    template file
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