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@sheerun sheerun fill documentation for Forgery(:basic) 6bf9864
@sheerun sheerun syntax highlighting 24cdd89
@sheerun sheerun fix formatting in Forgery(:email) wiki page f17a05b
@sheerun sheerun fix formatting in Forgery(:internet) wiki page beab8a3
@sheerun sheerun fill documentation for Forgery(:monetary) 40e07fe
@sheerun sheerun fill in lorem ipsums in Forgery(:name) 7747ac3
@cleitonfco cleitonfco Documentation 8f49e3c
@cleitonfco cleitonfco Documentation 9459141
@williamn williamn Updated Forgery(:name) (markdown) ebf0af6
@williamn williamn Updated `Forgery(:name).company_name` 0f230ab
@warmwaffles warmwaffles Updated Forgery (markdown) 207335f
krainboltgreene Updated Forgery(:name) (markdown) f544748
krainboltgreene Adding the default layout d72d35f
krainboltgreene Adding the default layout 2324926
krainboltgreene Adding the default layout 3819e54
krainboltgreene Adding descriptions for the :basic methods, some work still needs doing 45239db
krainboltgreene Created License (markdown) bc197fa
krainboltgreene Updated Home (markdown) ea24e87
krainboltgreene Updated Using (markdown) 24f726b
krainboltgreene Created Using (markdown) a10e969
krainboltgreene Updated Installing (markdown) 60a9a1b
krainboltgreene Created Installing (markdown) 62c31aa
krainboltgreene Created Credits (markdown) f85d881
krainboltgreene Specifying the gem groups that it should be in, with rails 3 a4a6984
krainboltgreene Updated Forgery (markdown) 3fe70c0
krainboltgreene Updated Home (markdown) 90ab38f
krainboltgreene Adding the README to this page. 1380fd0
sevenwire Initial Commit 789fed9
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