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XML Editions of the complete works of Shakespeare
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High-quality XML versions of the complete works of Shakespeare

A number of conventions were used in the creation of the Complete Works XML:

1. Acts are wrapped in <ACT> which includes the act title <ACTTITLE>. All acts are wrapped in <PLAY>.

2. Scenes are wrapped in <SCENE>, which includes the scene title <SCENETITLE>, scene location <SCENELOCATION>, and the scene personae <SCENEPERSONAE>. Scenes are always wrapped within <ACT>.

3. Character speeches are wrapped in <SPEECH>, which includes the speaker's name <SPEAKER> (the short version) and the lines <LINE> spoken.

4. Stage directions are identified with <STAGEDIR>. Sometimes they stand on their own within a scene and sometimes they are within a character's <SPEECH> depending on when the action occurs.

5. The entire play is wrapped in <PLAY> which include the full title <TITLE>, the short version of the title <TITLESHORT>, and the playwright <PLAYWRIGHT>.

6. Offsets were used to identify where short lines are shared lines: <LINE offset="X">, where X is the number of syllables spoken before that line begins.

7. When a character is singing or incanting, the line is identified with <LINE type="lyric">.

8. When a character is reading or reciting, the passage is identified with <RECITE>

9, Foreign language words are wrapped in their respective language tags: <LATIN xml:lang="la">, <FRENCH xml:lang="fr">, <ITALIAN xml:lang="it">, <DUTCH xml:lang="nl">

10. Where formal titles of works (play names, song titles) are mentioned, they are wrapped in <TITLEREF> or <NAMEREF>.

11. Sometimes characters change names over the course of a play. When that happens, there's an alias in that character's lines indicating their former character: <SPEAKER alias="L. GREY.">Q. ELIZ.</SPEAKER>.

12. Where multiple characters are speaking at once, the same speaker alias is used or the characters are identified in the <SPEAKER> tag.

The license and author information is at the bottom of each play and wrapped in <AUTHORDETAILS>. This information may be hidden using XSL/CSS, but may not be removed.

Copyright ©2005-2012  All rights reserved.
GFDL License 1.3
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