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A toolbox for developing command line applications with Rust.
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Tutil is a toolbox for developing command line applications in Rust, influenced by the TTY library for Ruby which intends to reach feature parity with the majority of TTY's features to the extent that is practical in addition to having an extensive and thorough test suite.

Tutil intends to support Linux, BSD, macOS (formerly known as OS X) and Windows. However, in this early stage of development, Tutil in its entirety probably only works on Linux.

The stable documentation can by accessed here.


Implemented features will be marked with a tick (✔) and unimplemented features will be marked with a cross (✗).

  • Terminal output colourisation. ✔
  • Terminal output paging. ✗
  • Terminal ASCII and Unicode tables. ✗
  • System detection utilities. ✗
  • Command detection utilities. ✗
  • Text manipulation (wrapping and truncation). ✗
  • Terminal progress bars. ✗
  • Terminal spinners. ✗
  • User input prompts. ✗
  • Windows support. ✗

There is a tracking issue for these which may be more up-to-date.


Add the following to your Cargo.toml under the dependencies section:

tutil = "^0.1.0"