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@@ -124,6 +124,27 @@ \subsubsection{False beliefs and Theory Of Mind}
\subsubsection{Introspection: Who am I? What can I do?}
+\subsubsection{Multi-lingual support}
+The RDF specification supports internationalisation by the way of
+\emph{language tags}: plain literals may have an optional language tag (taken
+from the standard RFC-3066) that tells in which human language the literal is
+ORO benefits from this mechanism, and can be configured to use a specific
+language as default. When an language is explicitely selected, the translated
+labels of concepts (when available in the underlying ontology) are used instead
+of the default English ones. Section~\ref{sect|commonsense-i13n} gives more
+details on the current level of internationalisation of the ORO common-sense
+Since only the labels (\ie the human-friendly name of the concepts) are subject
+to translation, changing the default language of the ORO server has no semantic
+impact: entities in the ontology always refer to same concepts. Same inferences
+are drawn, same connections to knowledge sources are made, etc. The strenght of
+semantic approaches is here well illustrated.
\subsection{Reasoning Techniques}
@@ -293,3 +314,6 @@ \subsection{Designing the \textsc{OpenRobots} common-sense ontology}
\caption{TBox of the specializations of \concept{PartiallyTangible}.}
@@ -8,6 +8,9 @@ \chapter{Symbolic knowledge representation}
\section{What do we call "knowledge"?}
+\subsection{The Concept of Knowledge}
Since we will discuss at length the concept of knowledge in the context
of robotics in the coming pages, it is useful to make our terminology explicit. No general
@@ -33,6 +36,13 @@ \section{What do we call "knowledge"?}
not usable either. Rich interleaving between geometric reasoning and symbolic
models is required.
+\subsection{The Semantic Robot}
+One concept, several symbols: cf multilingual support of ORO server \ref{sect|multilingual}.
\section{A Typology of Knowledge Representation Requirements for Robotics}

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