A Sublime-like minimap for VIM, based on the Drawille console-based drawing library
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A code minimap for Vim

The Sublime text-editor can display an useful overview of the code as a minimap sidebar.

We can implement the same thing in Vim, relying on the Drawille library to 'draw' in text mode.

minimap in action

This code is made available under a MIT license. See LICENSE for details.


  • displays the minimap of the currently active buffer (and updates when switching to a different buffer)
  • synchronized scrolling
  • live update while typing


Note that this extension requires Vim with Python support.


With vundle, simply add: Plugin 'severin-lemaignan/vim-minimap' to your .vimrc and run :PluginInstall from vim.


With Janus just clone inside .janus.

cd ~/.janus
git clone https://github.com/severin-lemaignan/vim-minimap.git vim-minimap


:Minimap to show the minimap, :MinimapClose to hide it.

Default mappings: <Leader>mm to display the minimap, <Leader>mc to close it.

To overwrite the default keybindings, using following settings in ``.vimrc'':

let g:minimap_show='<leader>ms'
let g:minimap_update='<leader>mu'
let g:minimap_close='<leader>gc'
let g:minimap_toggle='<leader>gt'


You can customize the color of the highlighting by setting g:minimap_highlight in your vimrc:

let g:minimap_highlight='Visual'

Note: To find out which highlights are available on your vim installation use :hi to get the list.


  • Weird display

Certain fonts do not display plain dots and empty spaces, but plain dots and circles for braille characters. As a result, you may want to use any other font that display braille characters in a way that suit the minimap plugin, like Ubuntu Mono, or Droid Sans Mono.

For example, with Inconsolata: image

With Ubuntu Mono image