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Nov 13, 2012

  1. Vsevolod Lobko

    initial stage of my board support

    Does not crash in QEMU :)
    No console, no devices, etc
  2. Vsevolod Lobko

    disable sim due to build errors

  3. Vsevolod Lobko

    fix infinte loop in plb_attach


Nov 06, 2012

  1. Vsevolod Lobko

    install kernel for virtex_dfc

  2. Vsevolod Lobko

    HACK: XXX fix for building with linux stat

    linux stat(1) has different meaning for -f flag and incompatible
    output formats:
    stat -f '%z'  ->  stat -c '%s'
  3. Vsevolod Lobko

    fix compile errors for VIRTEX_* kernels


Nov 01, 2012

  1. Invalidate the L2 cache before enabling it.

    matt authored
  2. - apply limits consistently

    - remove suspect pointer fudgery when interpreting PMU battery data
    now if we had any idea what units these data are in...
    macallan authored
  3. Remove my local RCS IDs.

    isaki authored
  4. Fix typo in comment. s/d1/d0/

    isaki authored
  5. Allow setting ATADEBUG_MASK to default value of atadebug_mask

    abs authored
  6. Use snprintb_m(3) to split flags/capabilities/enabled across multiple

    output lines.
    As discussed on current-users
    pgoyette authored
  7. Remove line "acpiwmibus* at acpiwmi?".

    jruoho authored
  8. Fix a bug that SIOCZIFDATA clears if_lastchage by zero.

    Update if_lastchange with getnanotime().
    msaitoh authored
  9. catch up with npfctl moving to /sbin.

    untested, but i guess so was the move itself ;)
    mrg authored
  10. mv npfctl from /usr/sbin to /sbin so it is available before /usr is m…

    christos authored
  11. put in /sbin

    christos authored
  12. No functional change.

    - Change style a bit.
    - use "csc" for the variable name of struct mvgbec_softc in mvgbec_attach()
      for consistency.
    msaitoh authored
  13. add configurations to connect to Sprint's 3G network.

    christos authored
  14. Match all pairs of bulkin-bulkout interfaces to ucom's, configuring m…

    ucoms per modem as they are available, instead of picking up the last bulkin
    bulkout pair. This makes my Sierra U250 3G portion of the modem to work.
    christos authored

Oct 31, 2012

  1. Avoid a 'may be used uninitialized' warning.

    riz authored
  2. Fill more info in nand chip structure.

    ahoka authored
  3. Hook nand_samsung.c into the build, and use it if a legacy chip

    from Samsung is found.
    riz authored
  4. Avoid ssp re-definitions for the functions we provide.

    christos authored
  5. Replace getarch and validatearch with table-driven implementations.

    apb authored
  6. Add SIOCGETHERCAP ioctl.

    There was no way to know the setting of ec_capabilities and ec_capenable
    other than grepping the source.
    msaitoh authored
  7. gcc 4.1 is not smart enough to notice "arg" is only used when initial…

    correctly and produces a "might be used unintialized" warning.
    martin authored
  8. Remove trailing whitespace.

    wiz authored
  9. implement limits and support event monitoring

    now emergency shutdown on low battery works
    macallan authored
  10. in sme_battery_check():

    - don't assume that all batteries have exactly one ENVSYS_INDICATOR
    - check capacity and charge sensors for ENVSYS_SVALID before using them
    now this works on macppc
    macallan authored

Oct 30, 2012

  1. Remove trailing whitespace.

    wiz authored
  2. Make this compile. (Still untested)

    riz authored
  3. Note that driver was rewritten.

    rkujawa authored
  4. Add support for samsung devices, currently a draft to aid Kirkwood NAND

    driver development.
    ahoka authored
  5. Note enchancements that appeared in NetBSD 6.0.

    rkujawa authored
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