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Additional Checkstyle checks, that could be added as extension to EclipseCS plugin and maven-checkstyle-plugin, Sonar checkstyle plugin, extension for CheckStyle IDEA plugin.

Updated May 1, 2016


Here you can find example how to use sevntu-checkstyle-maven-plugin plugin in Maven and Ant projects

Updated May 1, 2016

Java 0 2


Vaadin webapp for displaying Checkstyle Synthax tree (AST) visually in browser

Updated Apr 29, 2016

Java 4 2


Maven plugin to create HTML report to show dependecies in DSM view.

Updated Mar 24, 2016

Java 0 2


Eclipse plugin for displaying Checkstyle Synthax tree (AST) visually

Updated Mar 30, 2014


attempt to extend default log4j appenders

Updated Feb 18, 2012

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