Browsing Checkstyle AST Tree for Java files visually

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There are 2 ways to show Checkstyle AST tree for a Java file:

Checkstyle AST Eclipse Viewer plugin

This is a simple plugin for Eclipse IDE which opens AST tree from right-click menu for selected Java resource.

Checkstyle Built-in AST Viewer

Checkstyle comes with Swing GUI app which shows AST tree for a given resource. To open i, you have to download latest Checkstyle jar file from (checkstyle-X.X-all.jar) and execute:

$ java -classpath checkstyle-X.X-all.jar

Unix users could do all in more simple way: we have a nice shell script which shows AST tree automatically:

Usage: sevntu-checks/src/main/sh/ [<path_to_Java_file>]

Notes: when launched first time, this script downloads checkstyle-X.X-all.jar into your $TEMP dir and so, first script execution could be a bit longer then others =)

To simplify it even more, you could alias this script by adding line alias ast='< path_to_sh >' to the end of your ~/.bashrc file to let 'Show AST tree' command on your system look like ast <path_to_java_file> or just ast (which opens an empty Ast viewer window).