Debuging, Launching UTs

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  1. Pleasr be sure that you did a fork from us. Clone your foked repo to your PC.

  2. Make sure that code is compilable from terminal, to do so please go to "sevntu-checks" folder and perform commmand "mvn install". Continue only if this passed without errors.

  3. Launch Eclipse, make sure that you have "m2e" installed. If not - please use install by update site from here.

  4. Import project "sevntu-checks" to workspace. Right click on empty space of Project Explorer view, select menu Import, General / Existing Project into Workspace.

  5. After project successfully compiled - launch UTs. Right click on the checkstyle project, choose “Run as/Run configurations”. Double-click on the Junit to create new run configuration. In tab “test” choose Junit4 runner. In tab “Arguments” add to the VM arguments.


Alternatively, you can open “Preferences/Java/Installed JREs”. Edit the used one and add to the default JVM arguments, that described above.

  1. Next launches of UTs could be done from toolbar sub-button.

  2. If UTs are passed without errors, so you are safe to edit code - all future failures of UTs after your changes will be caused by your changes, and need to be solved by you :).

  3. To investigate work of other checks please put break points in java code and debug it.