Development workflow with Git: Fork, Branching, Commits, and Pull Request

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1. Fork a repo sevntu-checkstyle/sevntu.checkstyle.

2. Clone the sevntu.checkstyle project to your local machine (username – your Github user account name.):

$ git clone

3. Configure remotes:
$ cd sevntu.checkstyle
$ git remote add upstream git://

4. Create a branch for new check:
$ git checkout -b my-new-check

5. Develop on my-new-check branch only, but Do not merge my-new-check branch to the your master (as it should stay equal to upstream master)!!

6. Commit changes to my-new-check branch:

$ git add .
$ git commit -m "commit message"

7. Push branch to GitHub, to allow your mentor to review your code:
$ git push origin my-new-check

8. Repeat steps 5-7 till development is complete.

9. Fetch upstream changes that were done by other contributors:

$ git fetch upstream

10. Update local master:
$ git checkout master
$ git pull upstream master

ATTENTION: any time you lost of track of your code – launch “gitk —all” in source folder, UI application come up that will show all branches and history in pretty view, explanation.

11. Rebase my-new-check branch on top of the upstream master:

$ git checkout my-new-check
$ git rebase master

12. In the process of the rebase, it may discover conflicts. In that case it will stop and allow you to fix the conflicts. After fixing conflicts, use git add . to update the index with those contents, and then just run:
$ git rebase --continue

13. Push branch to GitHub (with all your final changes and actual code of sevntu.checkstyle):
We forcing changes to your issue branch(our sand box) is not common branch, and rebasing means recreation of commits so no way to push without force. NEVER force to common branch.
$ git push origin my-new-check --force

14. Created build for testing and send it to any mentor for testing.

15. Only after all testing is done – Send a Pull Request.
Attention: Please recheck that in your pull request you send only your changes, and no other changes!!
Check it by command:

git diff my-new-check upstream/master

More detailed information you can find on Git-Workflow, Git-rebase and Rebasing.
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