Update for release description in gh pages branch

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  1. Clone your repository (if not cloned yet).

  2. Switch to gh-pages, you might notices that you have only master branch checkouted. But as you named branch as remote one it will switched to it.

git checkout gh-pages
  1. Check that in folder you have only file of gh-pages branch

  2. Get latest changes from upstream repository

git pull upstream gh-pages
  1. From current branch create additional branch that will have all your changes.
git checkout -b release-1-6-gh-pages
git push origin release-1-6-gh-pages
  1. Do changes to index.html.
git add index.html
git status
git commit -m "description for 1.6 was added"
  1. push recent changes to your repository, in separate branch
git push origin release-1-6-gh-pages
  1. Keep all your changes in separate branch at remote to let your mentor review them. You will send "Pull request" from your branch.

  2. After you "Pull request" is merged to main project, delete your branch from local and remote

git push origin --delete master-1-6-release