Generating Documentation

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#Generating Documentation / Running Doxygen

Depending on the type of your installation you have different options:

###Default Installation (as described in Environment Setup)

If you have simply extracted the zip/tarball package into your project/solution, you can run make.bat to generate the documentation. You'll find the output in the Doc folder.

If everything works fine, you can add make.bat to your build process or link it to a shorcut-button in Visual Studio.

###Advanced Installation

To use the advanced installation as described in the Advanced Installation section, you have to set the INPUT_FILTER and/or the FILTER_PATTERNS options in your Doxyfile.

If everything is configured correctly, you can run

doxygen Doxyfile

from the shell or some script.

Don't forget to take care of the correct pathes and/or placing the files to your PATH as described.

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