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Industry Cluster Explorer

Click here for a demo of the application.

This application is currently under development. Changes and modifications will be added over time. For more detailed documentation on the project, please consult the project Wiki page.


This Shiny web app provides a dashboard for economic researchers to perform industry cluster analysis and derive insights regarding regional economic productivity and competitiveness.

For more information regarding the theory of industry clusters, see:

This web app is a project of the Taiwan Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness at National Chengchi University in Taipei.

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Software Dependencies

In order to run this web app, you need to have the R language, RStudio IDE, and the following R packages installed:

Install R packages using function install.packages(). For example:


Folder Structure

Make sure that the file structure on your machine matches the following:

├── industry-cluster-explorer
|   ├── scripts
|   | ├── calculated_metrics.R
|   ├── html
|   | ├── employ-growth-comp.html
|   | ├── employ-growth-spec.html
|   | ├── employ-share-spec.html
|   | ├── rev-growth-spec.html
|   ├── data 
|   | ├── topojson 
|   ├── server.R
|   ├── ui.R

Note that the folder data does not exist on the GitHub repository. Prior to running the application, create the folder data and populate it with input data to be processed and visualized by the dashboard. Folder data should contain CSV files with industry cluster data, as well as one CSV file with clusters labeled as "traded" or "local". Folder data/topojson should contain a separate TopoJSON file for each geographic region that you want to visualize.

Feedback and Collaboration

Please contact Seward Lee at for collaboration opportunities.


Shiny dashboard for industry cluster analysis







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