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Found your Wordpress plug-in today. It's exactly what I was looking for. I did all my thumbnails (crop) and it came out perfect. When I did a Regenerate all the thumbnails, all the images went back to its original state. Is there a way to keep the thumbnails in the post mode. I'm using the Arras Theme.

My site is at:



Why are you regenerating your thumbnails? Are you changing the size that arras uses?

I posted this comment on the arras forum when I was making the change but didn't get any feedback. What are your thoughts?

I can tell you that if you change your thumbnail sizes or regenerate from the arras theme, you will lose your manual changes.
My thinking is thus: you should only need to regenerate if you change the thumbnail sizes. And if you change your thumbnail
sizes, you would probably want to manually change the thumbnail to reflect that change and wouldn't want to use the same
manual change (unless it was only a change in the aspect ratio). Since almost any change should require the user to manually
recrop the thumbnails, I didn't create an automatic option. Can you think of an use case where it would be necessary to have
this feature?


Thanks for writing back. Great plug-in BTW!

I thought these themes would automatically regenerate every once in a while or you should do so from time to time to make sure everything is working. I manually tried the regenerate feature yesterday. Then, I noticed everything reverted back to its original state.

I would think once you change (crop) the thumbnail/images, you usually want it to be the same each time ~ cropped correctly. The whole concept in the first place is to save what you did vs. what WP does. The WP thumbnail version really sucks and crops only in the middle, which is usually off. Additionally, I still don't understand their change of image feature, which to me only changes in the media library and NOT on the public side.

I think it would be fantastic if your plugin had a way to keep the image cropped every time. Overwrite the previous thumbnail. This way, if you change themes or regenerate Arras, at least you have the image in the way you wanted. Not everything is in the middle of the image and your thumbnails look off.

I'm still new to the whole WP thing, so I'm not sure how everything is saved...and I don't how hard it is to do these codes.


Could you tell me why you think you need to regenerate the thumbnails? (are they not showing up on your home page? Does something happen to them?)


As I did regenerate all my thumbnails recently because I made a new theme, I can understand how sad is it to see the default cropping showing again. But I cannot imagine how WP could remember every cropping selection for each image !


that is an interesting use case... What happens if you change themes and it regenerates your thumbnails, or something does it for you or you make a mistake... Hmmm.


I use a plugin to regenerate the thumbnails: as I had to generate some new dimensions.


Oh well, then your custom thumbnails couldn't have been regenerated anyways... Well not easily.

I could save the original crop dimensions for the modified thumbnails and using that plus the new width and height of the crop, I could probably figure out some sort of a calculation to regenerate it with some caveats. (It might not be perfect or in the exact place that it was previously).

Would reviewing the regenerated images after they are created be needed?


Well, I leave Buddygleen giving his answer. For myself, I don't want to add weight to my tables for some images :-)


in my opinion there's no need to make this plugin remember what was manually cropped.

For example when you switch themes and you regenerate thumbnails to fit new dimensions and maybe new aspect ratios it wouldnt fit even if plugin remembered manual cropping.

when you have image lets say 200x300px and your post-thumb was 100x100 before and in new theme is 150x100 cropping from last theme will not look good in the new theme so i would have to recrop it manually again.

and thats why this requested feature is not really necessary.


Well, it can be useful if you don't change ALL the thumbnails dimensions but it's too complicate and will oblige to have hudge data table.


got it.

then dont use regenerate thumbnails and try this plugin:
it will allow you to regenerate only specified sizes (including custom) and for whole content as batch of course.

so for example post-thumbnail can be left intacted

noticed in 07/2014: this AJAX thumb rebuild plugin creates full url path for image sizes in wp_postmeta (it shouldnt be there) - i dont recommend using it on big sites, i had real trouble changing it back for each image (around 17k rows)

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