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vonwa commented Jan 9, 2012

Hi !
I've encounter trouble using your excelent pte and the wpml Translation Management plugin.

If the wpml plugin is disabled pte works perfectly.
If the wpml plugin is active, the plugin seems loading infinitly.
All the images seems to be there but they are covered by the loader.

Any thoughts ?

On wordpress 3.3.


sewpafly commented Jan 10, 2012

Did you mean this one: - That one isn't free and I can't test against it. Without testing, I imagine that their plugin is actually causing the problem by loading itself even when ajax pages are being served. This means that they are injecting code into the page that PTE creates.

naiad03 commented Jan 18, 2012

Hi brent, I sent you an email for the same problem with WPML, if you want I can send you a zip version of my files.


sewpafly commented Jan 18, 2012

naiad03, if you can get me a zip version, I will take a look at it.

naiad03 commented Jan 18, 2012

Ok i did it, thanks for you reply!


sewpafly commented Jan 19, 2012

I fixed this problem by changing one line in sitepress.class.php (the js_load function ~line 1900)



if(is_admin() && !defined('DOING_AJAX')){

Maybe this gist would illustrate it better.

vonwa commented Jan 24, 2012

@sewpafly, I understand you're surprise.
But they got a program for plugin and theme designers :

Besides the compatibility with the wpml plugin, it can make your plugin a bit more clean.
Could you take a look ?

I can also give you a temp access to the wordpress files and admin part.


sewpafly commented Jan 24, 2012

@vonwa, from what I can see that program really just helps you put in the translation hooks. Have you seen any issues where the translation wasn't working well with PTE? I believe that every bit of user facing text is using the gettext calls already.

@sewpafly sewpafly closed this Jan 24, 2012

sewpafly there is a GPL fork here:

version 1.0.6 alpha solves this problem as well. thanks


sewpafly commented Aug 15, 2012

@mbernasocchi - Thanks!

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