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A fork of Litecoin using scrypt as a proof of work scheme. Targeted at the Adult Entertainment Business.


  • 1 minute block time
  • subsidy halves every 600k blocks
  • 140 million total coins
  • Sound support
  • QRCode support
  • 100 coins per block
  • 500 or 5000 coin superblocks
  • 30 blocks to retarget difficulty
  • 90 confirms for mining
  • 6 confirms for sending/receiving


Net - 9560 RPC - 9561

Development process

Current efforts in the development of this coin are being made by a few members of that still have an interest in seeing it survive. These efforts are on a volunteer basis, so things will be a little slow for now. The original release of the coin by member 'chinsu' has been set as the current master. Updates for now will follow the litecoin (LTC) project. A clean base will be made available very soon as this is the first goal of current volunteer development team.

Contact for any questions regarding this project.

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