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@lavajumper lavajumper released this Jan 12, 2019 · 1 commit to master since this release

Sexcoin Version - Merge Mining and Segwit.

Sexcoin Merge-mining and Segwit have activated
This version prevents bandwidth consumption caused by 0.10.4.x clients repeatedly requesting blocks which they will never be able to accept because the blocks are auxpow.

It includes the fixes which corrects the issue in 0.15.0 and where the client would suddenly crash( segfault ).


Make a backup of your wallet!!

If you are upgrading from v0.15.0 or all you need to do is stop your client, then install this overtop. No rebuilding the db. Nothing more required

Mining code is still included with our clients for testnet and regtest, this causes many anti-virus programs to flag it. This is a false positive.

Upgrading from v0.10.4.x

Make a backup of your wallet!!

If you are upgrading you will get a message that the database is corrupt, and it will ask if you want to rebuild it. Answer yes. This will take some time.

On Linux non-gui version upgrades, start the new client with the '--reindex' switch for sexcoind. This will only have to be done once.

Upgrading from before 0.10.4

Make a backup of your wallet!!

You will need to redownload the block chain. This can be hastened by using the bootstrap file:

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