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A simple python tutorial

This is an ultra crash course in the basics of python. If there's a topic you'd like to see added or you find any mistakes, feel free to open an issue. I'll update as time permits.

Setup instructions for windows

Go to

Switch to the macOS or Linux tabs if applicable

Click download Python version 3.7

Run the executable

Follow the setup wizard. I recommend keeping all the default settings. Install will take about 10-15 mins.

Skip visual basic code unless you really want it. Uncheck learn more/learn how and finish.

Launch Jupyter Notebook. Opens in your default browser. May take a few seconds.

You might also find these faqs helpful

Opening a workbook

If you want to ignore git stuff and just get started with a workbook...

Click the green clone or download button, click download zip on the drop down.

Unzip contents into a destination of your choice. I recommend Desktop or Documents. This avoids the need to modify jupyter configurations.

Open Jupyter Notebook in your web browser. You should see a folder directory. Navigate to the unzipped folder. If you can't find it, move the folder to a recognizable location based on what you see in Juypter. Or click "upload" and upload the files.

Click on a workbook to open it. eg basics.ipynb

Running cells.

The individual boxes of code are called cells.

ctrl + enter is the keyboard shortcut to run the code in a cell.

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