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Sticky Todo Application for Google App Engine
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GAE Todo (Notalma)
A very simple sticky todolist application built using Django/Appengine/JQuery with administration
Inspired from: AJAX-enabled Sticky Notes With PHP & jQuery tutorial on
Demo :

-- Installing --
1. Checkout from Github repository (gae-todo)
2. Download Google App Engine SDK
3. Create a symbolic link from Google App Engine SDK folder to /gae-todo/common folder.
4. Go to gae-todo folder and run "python runserver
5. Optional (run "python syncdb to create super user")
6. Optional (to reach administration panel go to "/admin" then enter your creditentials)

-- Using --
1. Login using your Google account (hybrid account feature disabled)
2. Click "Your Notes" link or go to "/todo"
3. Click add todo button, just add todo content, select color and click Add button.
4. Notes will be created.

You can drag and drop notes, you can edit inplace notes content, or can delete anytime.

-- Changelog --

-- 1.0 --
* Released v.1.0
* Added i18n support
* Fixed some minor bugs

-- For Feedback &  Report Bugs
Use github. @seyhunak
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