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(ns organum.core-test
(:use clojure.test
(:require [ :as io]))
(deftest test-headline
(testing "Parsing headline"
(is (= (parse-headline "** TODO Some text :atag:btag:")
(section 2 "Some text" ["atag" "btag"] "TODO")))))
(deftest test-block
(testing "Parsing block header"
(is (= (parse-block " #+BEGIN_WIBBLE minor")
(block "WIBBLE" "minor")))))
(deftest test-src-block
(testing "Parsing block header"
(is (= (parse-block " #+BEGIN_SRC minor :tangle blah")
(block "SRC" "minor")))))
(deftest test-testfile
(testing "Parsing"
(let [sections (parse-file (io/resource ""))]
(is (vector? sections))
(testing "Is only :section after leading :root"
(is (every? #(= (:type %) :section) (rest sections))))
(testing "Has top level headings"
(is (some #(= (:level %) 1) sections)))
(testing "Has second level headings"
(is (some #(= (:level %) 2) sections)))
(testing "Has headings with keywords"
(is (some :kw sections)))
(testing "Contains a property drawer"
(is (some #(= (:type %) :drawer) (mapcat :content sections))))
(testing "Contains table lines"
(is (some #(= (:line-type %) :table-row) (mapcat :content sections))))
(testing "Contains unordered list lines"
(is (some #(= (:line-type %) :unordered-list) (mapcat :content sections)))))))
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