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Input Remapper

An easy to use tool to change the behaviour of your input devices.
Supports X11, Wayland, combinations, programmable macros, joysticks, wheels,
triggers, keys, mouse-movements and more. Maps any input to any other input.

Usage - Macros - Installation - Development - Examples



yay -S input-remapper-git
sudo systemctl restart input-remapper
sudo systemctl enable input-remapper

Get a .deb file from the release page or install the latest changes via:

sudo apt install git python3-setuptools gettext
git clone
cd input-remapper && ./scripts/
sudo apt install -f ./dist/input-remapper-2.0.0.deb

input-remapper is available in Debian and Ubuntu


Dependencies: python3-evdev ≥1.3.0, gtksourceview4, python3-devel, python3-pydantic, python3-pydbus

Python packages need to be installed globally for the service to be able to import them. Don't use --user

Conda can cause problems due to changed python paths and versions.

If it doesn't seem to install, you can also try sudo python3 install

sudo pip install evdev -U  # If newest version not in distros repo
sudo pip uninstall key-mapper  # In case the old package is still installed
sudo pip install --no-binary :all: git+
sudo systemctl enable input-remapper
sudo systemctl restart input-remapper

Migrating beta configs to version 2

By default, Input Remapper will not migrate configurations from the beta. If you want to use those you will need to copy them manually.

rm ~/.config/input-remapper-2 -r
cp ~/.config/input-remapper/beta_1.6.0-beta ~/.config/input-remapper-2 -r

Then start input-remapper