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An X12 EDI parsing crate.
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Check the documentation for more details.

A quick summary of features

  • Provides two top-level parsing functions: parse and loose_parse. loose_parse is less strict on the format of the incoming EDI document.
  • Parses a valid X12 EDI document into a struct called EdiDocument.
  • Provides verbose error messages if the document being parsed is invalid.
    • Error messages include the actual segment in which the error occurred.
  • EdiDocument and all data it contains implement Serialize and Deserialize from serde, so zero-copy serialization and deserialization to any serde-able format is supported (this includes json).
  • EdiDocument's fields are all public and it can be navigated like any other struct for simplicity

See the examples directory for an example.

A quick summary of limitations

  • Cannot accurately determine segment types, as that requires an implementation guide from the individual transactor
  • Cannot detect loops for the same reason as above
  • Only supports standard X12 EDI


  • benches to identify regressions
  • output back into EDI with proper padding in the ISA segment
  • iterator over segments for the frequent cases in which there's only one transaction/functional group/interchange (EdiDocument.segments_iter() -> SegmentIter?)
    • to_string(delimiters) is needed to output the edi document
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