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References for CTI-EU 2018 Presentation

  1. Jess  Garcia - Lessons Learned from Teaching CTI All Over the World
  2. Cliff Stoll - The Cuckoo'e Egg
  3. EclecticIQ - A Stakeholder-centric Approach to Building a Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) Practice
  4. SANS CTI Summit 2018 - Michael Rea - I Can Haz Requirements?: Requirements and CTI Program Success
  5. SANS (Brian P. Kim) - Threat Intelligence: Planning and Direction
  6. Developing Priority Intelligence Requirements
  7. Scott J. Roberts - CTI SquadGoals — Setting Requirements
  8. CTI Summit 2017 Keynote - Cliff Stoll - (Still) Stalking the Wily Hacker
  9. CTI Summit 2017 - Christian Paredes - Pen-To-Paper and The Finished Report: The Key To Generating Threat Intelligence
  10. US Military Joint Publication 2-0
  11. Richards J. Heuer - Psychology of Intelligence Analysis
  12. Richards J. Heuer - Structured Analytic Techniques for Intelligence Analysis
  13. INSA - CYBER INTELLIGENCE: Preparing Today’s Talent for Tomorrow’s Threats
  14. CTI Summit 2017 - Dragos (Robert M. Lee) - Knowing When to Consume Intelligence and When to Generate It
  15. CIA - Fifteen Axioms for Intelligence Analysts
  16. CIA - Analytic Thinking and Presenting for Intelligence Producers
  17. Intelligence Community Directive (ICD) 203 - Analytic Standards
  18. Martin Petersen - What I Learned in 40 Years of Doing Intelligence Analysis for US Foreign Policymakers
  19. CIA - Words of Estimative Probability
  20. Weasel Words
  21. Analytic Confidence
  22. Winston Churchill's Writing Advice
  23. Style Manual and Writers' Guide for Intelligence Publications
  24. Admiralty Code