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SWIPE is a platform for sensing, recording and processing human dynamics using smartwatches and smartphones. The idea behind this type of system, which exists for the most part on smartphones, is to consider new metrics from wearables — in our case smartwatches. These new devices, used in parallel with traditional smartphones, provide clear indicators of the activities and movements performed by the users who wear them. They can also sense environmental data and interactions.

The SWIPE architecture is structured around three main elements:

  • Data recording - an Android application deployed directly on the devices, allowing them to synchronize and collect data: Source, ZIP
  • Data storage - a web service: Source, ZIP
  • Data visualization and processing - a web platform: [not available publicly]

Detailed info

Author: Sébastien FAYE []

If you use this project or one of its component, we would appreciate a citation of our work on sensing systems.

Main reference:

  • S. Faye, R. Frank, T. Engel, "Adaptive Activity and Context Recognition using Multimodal Sensors in Smart Devices", in Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Mobile Computing, Applications and Services (MobiCASE'15), November, 2015.