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Thanks for stopping by!

The Data Science Working Group’s purpose is to efficiently assess, inspire, and tackle Code for San Francisco’s data science needs, as well as to help the City with its data science needs whenever appropriate. Our practicing and aspiring data scientists are available to:

  • develop data science-centric solutions to social good problems;
  • assess/inspire the possibility of data science components in other projects;
  • provide resources to help produce those components;
  • provide a learning environment for ourselves and others to learn more practical data science.

In pursuing the above, we humbly hope that CfSF's dedicated project groups come to consider us an integral and synergistic resource for the brigade at large.

Current Group Needs

The DSWG needs both technical and non-technical help in the following areas:

  • Data Analysis, Modelling, Statistics
  • Data Visualization, Storytelling, Dashboarding
  • Marketing, Content writing
  • Community Outreach


Team Lead: Rocio Ng, Ph.D. Wiki (resources): DSWG Wiki
Group Email Contact: datascience[at] If you are interested in volunteering to generally help the group as a whole outside of project please reach out to one of the team leads.

Current Projects

Here's what we're currently working on, mostly with gov't/org partners, but as mentioned above, we're also eager to work with -or inspire- dedicated project groups.

Projects On Hold

The following are in need of new project leads and contributing members. Please check them out and reach out to DSWG team leads if you are interested in reviving one of these projects!

Past Projects

New Here??

New to Data Science or want to learn more??

DSWG Leadership Opportunities

In addition to members contributing to individual projects, we are also in need of passionate and motivated individuals to join the Core DSWG team! We have many leadership opportunities as well as opportunities to help with marketing, content writing, event planning etc. Please reach out to @rocio on Slack or send an email to datascience[at]

Art by Irene Lepe