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Getting Started

Welcome! To get started on development:

Slack - we use Slack for communication:

AWS - we use Lex, Lambda etc.

Golang (optional)

We use GoLang (go1.8) for writing lambda functions. If you’ve Go already installed you don’t need the following:

Clone the repo:

  • $ go get -u


This'll build the zip file that you can upload to AWS Lambda

  • $ make



There are helpers in Makefile to create, upload and invoke the lambda code.

  • To begin, let's create a lambda function: make lambda-create (Note: this may fail if the function already exists online; that's fine.)
  • Then run make update to upload the code and invoke it.

From now after you make changes to the Go code, then can just run make update to upload the code and invoke it from command line.

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