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Mass Action Scheduler Package Test

Simple repository to speed up configuring a scratch org to test new package installs.

Enable Dev Hub

If you're new to Salesforce DX, or don't have a Dev Hub org, complete Quick Start: Salesforce DX project on Trailhead before you go on.

Set Default Dev Hub Username

Provide the alias of your Dev Hub org for creating scratch orgs.

sfdx force:config:set defaultdevhubusername=DevHub

Create a Scratch Org

sfdx force:org:create -a mas-test-pkg -s -f config/project-scratch-def.json

Install Mass Action Scheduler Package

Get the latest package id from the release notes.

sfdx force:package:install --publishwait 30 --wait 10 --package PACKAGE_ID

Push Metadata

This creates our source Apex class and target Flow to test with.

sfdx force:source:push

Assign Permission Set

sfdx force:user:permset:assign -n dca_mass_action__Mass_Action_Admin

Load Test Data

This creates a configuration record that wires together the Apex class and Flow deployed earlier.

sfdx force:data:tree:import -f assets/data/dca_mass_action__Mass_Action_Configuration__c-dca_mass_action__Mass_Action_Mapping__c.json

Open Org and Run a Configuration

Run the configuration record then check that Task records were created soon after.

sfdx force:org:open --path //lightning/o/dca_mass_action__Mass_Action_Configuration__c/list


🧪 Simple repository to speed up configuring a scratch org to test new package installs.






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