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CZ2006 Course Project, Online Survey System powered by Django
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NTU Survey


For CZ2006 Software Engineering Course Project.

NTU Survey is a google-forms-like survey creation and management system powered by Django and Bootstrap

Live Demo

Key Features

  • User sign up and login Sign up Login
  • Friendly and powerful dashboard Dashboard
  • Create survey at ease Create Survey
  • Easy share by email Collaboration
  • Graphical analysis powered google-charts (question specific stats, time stats, and demography) Question Daily Demography

  • Multi-user collaboratoin, themes, share by QR code and many more features. Sign up here



  • Wan Liuyang
  • Chu Xiaoqi
  • Chia Ming En
  • Zhao Fangyuan
  • Huang Wei
  • Qian Cheng
  • Ning Haoyan


This project is released under MIT License.

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