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SFEIR Open Source

This is the official Open Source organisation by SFEIR


  1. kbeam kbeam Public

    Idiomatic Kotlin Pipelines for Apache Beam

    Kotlin 10

  2. sonar-clover sonar-clover Public

    It provides the ability to feed SonarQube with code coverage data coming from Atlassian Clover

    Java 15 25

  3. sfeir-school-theme sfeir-school-theme Public

    Theme for Sfeir School for RevealJS

    HTML 9 4

  4. talk-control talk-control Public

    Forked from TalkControl/talk-control

    This project aims to make speakers' life easier by supplying an app to remotely control their slideshow.

    JavaScript 2 5

  5. xlayers xlayers Public

    Forked from xlayers/xlayers

    View and generate code from Sketch files online

    TypeScript 1 1

  6. sfeir-school-template sfeir-school-template Public template

    Template to use to create Open Source SFEIR School

    JavaScript 4 4


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