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Strato Pi driver kernel module
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Strato Pi kernel module

Raspberry Pi kernel module for using Strato Pi via sysfs.

For instance, check if the watchdog is enabled:

cat /sys/class/stratopi/watchdog/enabled

Enable the watchdog:

echo 1 > /sys/class/stratopi/watchdog/enabled

Requires Strato Pi with firmware version >= 4.0.

The functionalities relative to MCU configuration commands are further detailed in the Strato Pi Logic Controller Advanced Configuration Guide.

Compile and Install

If you don't have git installed:

sudo apt-get install git-core

Clone this repo:

git clone --recursive

Install the Raspberry Pi kernel headers:

sudo apt-get install raspberrypi-kernel-headers

Make and install:

cd strato-pi-kernel-module
sudo make install

Load the module:

sudo insmod stratopi.ko

Check that it was loaded correctly from the kernel log:

sudo tail -f /var/log/kern.log

You will see something like:

Sep  3 11:49:18 raspberrypi kernel: [   59.855723] stratopi: - | init
Sep  3 11:49:18 raspberrypi kernel: [   60.043024] stratopi: - | ready

Optionally, to have the module automatically loaded at boot add stratopi in /etc/modules.


sudo sh -c "echo 'stratopi' >> /etc/modules"

Optionally, to be able to use the /sys/ files not as super user, create a new group "stratopi" and set it as the module owner group by adding an udev rule:

sudo groupadd stratopi
sudo cp 99-stratopi.rules /etc/udev/rules.d/

and add your user to the group, e.g., for user "pi":

sudo usermod -a -G stratopi pi

then re-login to apply the group change and reload the module:

su - $USER
sudo rmmod stratopi.ko
sudo insmod stratopi.ko

When loading the module, it performs an autodetect of the Strato Pi model. To bypass the autodetect you can load it passing the model_num parameter:

Hardware model_num
Strato Pi Base rev. < 3.0 1
Strato Pi UPS rev. < 3.0 2
Strato Pi CAN 3
Strato Pi CM 4
Strato Pi Base rev. ≥ 3.0 5
Strato Pi UPS rev. ≥ 3.0 6
Strato Pi CM Duo 7
Strato Pi CAN rev. ≥ 2.0 8

For instance, for Strato Pi CM Duo:

sudo insmod stratopi.ko model_num=7

If you have the module automatically loaded at boot, you can pass the model_num parameter to the module by creating the file /etc/modprobe.d/stratopi.conf which contains the line

options stratopi model_num=<n>

Where <n> is set to the appropriate value.


After loading the module, you will find all the available devices under the directory /sys/class/stratopi/.

The following paragraphs list all the possible devices (directories) and files coresponding to Strato Pi's features. Depending on the model you will find the available ones.

You can read and/or write to these files to configure, monitor and control your Strato Pi.

The values of the configuration files marked with * can be permanently saved in the Strato Pi controller using the /mcu/config file. If not permanently saved, the parameters will be reset to the original factory defaults, or to the previously saved user configuration, after every power cycle of the Raspberry Pi.

Buzzer - /sys/class/stratopi/buzzer/

File R/W Value Description
status R/W 0 Buzzer off
status R/W 1 Buzzer on
status W F Flip buzzer's state
beep W <t> Buzzer on for <t> ms
beep W <t_on> <t_off> <rep> Buzzer beep <rep> times with <t_on>/<t_off> ms periods. E.g. "200 50 3"


cat /sys/class/stratopi/buzzer/status
echo F > /sys/class/stratopi/buzzer/status
echo 200 50 3 > /sys/class/stratopi/buzzer/beep

Watchdog - /sys/class/stratopi/watchdog/

File R/W Value Description
enabled R/W 0 Watchdog enabled
enabled R/W 1 Watchdog disabled
enabled W F Flip watchdog enabled state
expired R 0 Watchdog timeout not expired
expired R 1 Watchdog timeout expired
heartbeat W 0 Set watchdog heartbeat line low
heartbeat W 1 Set watchdog heartbeat line high
heartbeat W F Flip watchdog heartbeat state
enable_mode* R/W D MCU config XWED - Watchdog normally disabled (factory default)
enable_mode* R/W A MCU config XWEA - Watchdog always enabled
timeout* R/W <t> MCU config XWH<t> - Watchdog heartbeat timeout, in seconds (1 - 99999). Factory default: 60
down_delay* R/W <t> MCU config XWW<t> - Forced shutdown delay from the moment the timeout is expired and the shutdown cycle has not been enabled, in seconds (1 - 99999). Factory default: 60
sd_switch R/W <n> MCU config XWSD<n> (0 < n < 9) - Switch boot from SDA/SDB after <n> consecutive watchdog resets, if no heartbeat is detected. A value of n > 1 can be used with /enable_mode set to A only; if /enable_mode is set to D, then /sd_switch is set automatically to 1
sd_switch R/W 0 MCU config XWSD0 - SD switch on watchdog reset disabled (factory default)

Power - /sys/class/stratopi/power/

File R/W Value Description
down_enabled R/W 0 Delayed shutdown cycle disabled
down_enabled R/W 1 Delayed shutdown cycle enabled
down_delay* R/W <t> MCU config XPW<t> - Shutdown delay from the moment it is enabled, in seconds (1 - 99999). Factory default: 60
off_time* R/W <t> MCU config XPO<t> - Duration of power-off, in seconds (1 - 99999). Factory default: 5
up_delay* R/W <t> MCU config XPU<t> - Power-up delay after main power is restored, in seconds (0 - 99999). Factory default: 0
down_enable_mode* R/W I MCU config XPEI - Immediate (factory default): when shutdown is enabled, Strato Pi will immediately initiate the power-cycle, i.e. wait for the time specified in /down_delay and then power off the Pi board for the time specified in /off_time
down_enable_mode* R/W A MCU config XPEA - Arm: enabling shutdown will arm the shutdown procedure, but will not start the power-cycle until the shutdown enable line goes low again (i.e. shutdown disabled or Raspberry Pi switched off). After the line goes low, Strato Pi will initiate the power-cycle
up_mode* R/W A MCU config XPPA - Always: if shutdown is enabled when the main power is not present, only the Raspberry Pi is turned off, and the power is always restored after the power-off time, even if running on battery, with no main power present
up_mode* R/W M MCU config XPPM - Main power (factory default): if shutdown is enabled when the main power is not present, the Raspberry Pi and the Strato Pi UPS board are powered down after the shutdown wait time, and powered up again only when the main power is restored
sd_switch R/W 1 MCU config XPSD1 - Switch boot from SDA/SDB at every power-cycle
sd_switch R/W 0 MCU config XPSD0 - SD switch at power-cycle disabled (factory default)

RS-485 Config - /sys/class/stratopi/rs485/

File R/W Value Description
mode* R/W A MCU config XSMA - Automatic (factory default): TX/RX switching is done automatically, based on speed and number of bits detection
mode* R/W P MCU config XSMP - Passive: TX/RX switching is not actively controlled by Strato Pi
mode* R/W F MCU config XSMF - Fixed: TX/RX switching is based on speed, number of bits, parity and number ofstop bits set in /params
params* R/W <rbps> MCU config XSP<rbps> - Set RS-485 communication parameters: baud rate (r), number of bits (b), parity (p) and number of stop bits (s) for fixed mode, see below tables
Baud rate (r) value Description
2 1200 bps
3 2400 bps
4 4800 bps
5 9600 bps (factory default)
6 19200 bps
7 38400 bps
8 57600 bps
9 115200 bps
Bits (b) value Description
7 7 bit
8 8 bit (factory default)
Parity (p) value Description
N No parity (factory default)
E Even parity
O Odd parity
Stop bits (s) value Description
1 1 stop bit (factory default)
2 2 stop bits

UPS - /sys/class/stratopi/ups/

File R/W Value Description
battery R 0 Running on main power
battery R 1 Running on battery power
power_delay* R/W <t> MCU config XUB<t> - UPS automatic power-cycle timeout, in seconds (0 - 99999). Strato Pi UPS will automatically initiate a delayed power-cycle (just like when /power/down_enabled is set to 1) if the main power source is not available for the number of seconds set. A value of 0 (factory default) disables the automatic power-cycle

Relay - /sys/class/stratopi/relay/

File R/W Value Description
status R/W 0 Relay open
status R/W 1 Relay closed
status W F Flip relay's state

LED - /sys/class/stratopi/led/

File R/W Value Description
status R/W 0 LED off
status R/W 1 LED on
status W F Flip LED's state
blink W <t> LED on for <t> ms
blink W <t_on> <t_off> <rep> LED blink <rep> times with <t_on>/<t_off> ms periods. E.g. "200 50 3"

Button - /sys/class/stratopi/button/

File R/W Value Description
status R 0 Button released
status R 1 Button pressed

Expansion Bus - /sys/class/stratopi/expbus/

File R/W Value Description
enabled R/W 0 Expansion Bus enabled
enabled R/W 1 Expansion Bus disabled
aux R 0 Expansion Bus auxiliary line low
aux R 1 Expansion Bus auxiliary line high

SD - /sys/class/stratopi/sd/

File R/W Value Description
sdx_enabled* R/W 1 MCU config XSD01 - SDX bus enabled (factory default)
sdx_enabled* R/W 0 MCU config XSD00 - SDX bus disabled
sd1_enabled* R/W 1 MCU config XSD11 - SD1 bus enabled
sd1_enabled* R/W 0 MCU config XSD10 - SD1 bus disabled (factory default)
sdx_default R/W A MCU config XSDPA - At power-up, SDX bus routed to SDA and SD1 bus to SDB by default (factory default)
sdx_default R/W B MCU config XSDPB - At power-up, SDX bus routed to SDB and SD1 bus to SDA, by default
sdx_routing R/W A MCU config XSDRA - SDX bus routed to SDA and SD1 bus to SDB (factory default)
sdx_routing R/W B MCU config XSDRB - SDX bus routed to SDB and SD1 bus to SDA

USB 1 - /sys/class/stratopi/usb1/

File R/W Value Description
disabled R/W 0 USB 1 enabled
disabled R/W 1 USB 1 disabled
ok R 0 USB 1 fault
ok R 1 USB 1 ok

USB 2 - /sys/class/stratopi/usb2/

File R/W Value Description
disabled R/W 0 USB 2 enabled
disabled R/W 1 USB 2 disabled
ok R 0 USB 2 fault
ok R 1 USB 2 ok

MCU - /sys/class/stratopi/mcu/

File R/W Value Description
config W S MCU command XCCS - Persist the current configuration in the controller to be retained across power cycles
config W R MCU command XCCR - Restore the original factory configuration
fw_version R <m>.<n>/<mc> MCU command XFW? - Read the firmware version, <m> is the major version number, <n> is the minor version number, <mc> is the model code. E.g. "4.0/07"
fw_install W <fw_file> Set the MCU in boot-loader mode and upload the specified firmware HEX file
fw_install_progress R <p> Progress of the current firmware upload process as percentage

Firmware upload

The /sys/class/stratopi/mcu/fw_install sysfs file allows to upload a new firmware on Strato Pi's MCU.

To this end, output the content of the firmaware HEX file to /sys/class/stratopi/mcu/fw_install and then monitor the progress reading from /sys/class/stratopi/mcu/fw_install_progress.

The MCU will be set to boot-loader mode and the firware uploaded. When the progress reaches 100% you need to disable boot-loader mode by triggering a power-cycle, which is done by setting the shutdown line low (i.e. set /sys/class/stratopi/power/down_enabled to 0 or switch off the Raspberry Pi).

For troubleshooting or monitoring the firmware upload process check the kernel log in /var/log/kern.log.

Firmware upload axample:

$ cat firmware.hex > /sys/class/stratopi/mcu/fw_install &
[1] 14918
$ cat /sys/class/stratopi/mcu/fw_install_progress
$ cat /sys/class/stratopi/mcu/fw_install_progress
$ sudo shutdown now 
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