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Data presentation tools for microbial ecology.


The software is implemented as a web appication based on Django framework. The format of input data is compatible with Biological Observation Matrix (BIOM) format. The interactive vizulalization tools are implemented with the use of D3.js software library.

Most of the functionality specific to microbial ecology is implemented with the use of scikit-bio python package, in the conjunction with other python packages intended to be used in big data analysis.


python 2.7, virtualenv package innstalled


after copyng the distribution package, under Linux, cd to installation directory (d3b_charts), then cd to d3b directory and run


Run web server by command '' and open page 'localhost:8000' in the browser.

Upload the data file on a start page of the application. This will create the link to a page with unique identifier. The interactive tools for the provided data table become available from that link.

Use links on a start page for a several sample data series to test the service.

Modify ALLOWED_HOSTS variable in d3b/ to open access from remote clients