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Revert "Try to wean myself off the arrow keys"

This reverts commit 5fae5f9.
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commit 5acec487453cc58d0b81a968a70048c561c73706 1 parent a66eb9b
@sferik authored
Showing with 0 additions and 5 deletions.
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5 vimrc
@@ -132,11 +132,6 @@ nmap :Q! :q!
nmap :Wq! :wq!
nmap :WQ! :wq!
-noremap <Up> <nop>
-noremap <Down> <nop>
-noremap <Left> <nop>
-noremap <Right> <nop>
" Open where I left off
set viminfo='1000,\"1000,:20,%,n~/.viminfo
au BufReadPost * if line("'\"") > 0|if line("'\"") <= line("$")|exe("norm '\"")|else|exe "norm $"|endif|endif
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