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Query the MaxMind GeoIP data records via a self-hosted web service
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GeoIP Server

This simple Rack server is useful as a self-hosted service for making lookups to the GeoIP database from

Instant installation and deploy

  • Clone this: git clone git://
  • Download the free GeoIP data files: rake geoip:update_city_lite
  • Commit that data file to your clone: git add vendor && git commit -m "adding data file"
  • Signup for an account at Heroku (better details here)
  • Create and name a new app where you want to host this
  • push it to git push heroku master


Once the server is running you can make a GET request to the server and receive lookup results in JSON format.

ip = request.remote_ip
require 'open-uri'
data = JSON.decode(open("{ip}").read)
render :text => "You're in: #{data[:city]}"

Or, straight from a terminal:

curl -X POST

Patches welcome, forks celebrated.

Copyright (c) 2010 Jack Danger Canty. Released under the MIT License.

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