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More Currencies #9

mikaelwikman opened this Issue · 5 comments

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MtGox has support for several currencies other than USD. Would be great if we could extend the mtgox gem to support others as well (in my case, EUR).
I will take a look at the code and see if I could make the changes, in which case I'll add a comment to this Issue.


I decided to give it a shot, and have now forked the project.


How it's going with that ?


Hi, the forked project have support for other currencies by the means of configuration before using the gem. I used this gem (with my modifications) for 5-6 weeks and works well, however, I did not use TDD and changes are undocumented. Hence the code does not live up to the standards of sferik and can't be merged.


okay, I used in the end and it works with multicurrencies


I found this thread after beginning my own quick hack.

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