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Add instructions to use Rails-CKEdit with Upload function.

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1 parent 993d0eb commit 4251f405133f4b14f75e2da423a4e48357ffb6b5 @jacksonpires jacksonpires committed Jul 10, 2011
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@@ -95,7 +95,7 @@ non-Windows system, you can try to use the automatic downloader:
$ rake rails_admin:ckeditor_download
To use the CKEditor with Upload function, you can try [Rails-CKEditor](
-and after installed put the follow lines in "public/javascripts/ckeditor/config.js"
+and after installed (following the [Rails-CKEditor]( instructions) put the follow lines in "public/javascripts/ckeditor/config.js" to activate the Upload function:
$ config.filebrowserBrowseUrl = '/ckeditor/attachments';
$ config.filebrowserUploadUrl = '/ckeditor/attachments';

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