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Merge pull request #2198 from soupmatt/home_link_label_fix

Don't .capitalize the Home link name, as it removes capitalization
commit b5e0824643ba064a59413ba0f3f0f7008a7e73b7 2 parents fcfd821 + 830787f
Mitsuhiro Shibuya mshibuya authored
2  app/views/layouts/rails_admin/_secondary_navigation.html.haml
@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
- actions(:root).each do |action|
%li{class: "#{action.action_name}_root_link"}= link_to wording_for(:menu, action), { action: action.action_name, controller: 'rails_admin/main' }, class: "pjax"
- if main_app_root_path = (main_app.root_path rescue false)
- %li= link_to t('').capitalize, main_app_root_path
+ %li= link_to t(''), main_app_root_path
- if _current_user
- if user_link = edit_user_link
%li= user_link
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