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Commits on Oct 08, 2013
@fbfactory fbfactory Associated models with a has_one relation is not created by default, …
…it's now up to the user to explicitly create it.
@fbfactory fbfactory Minor refactoring. 78bd3c4
@fbfactory fbfactory Fixed spec for nested form. Had to activate testing through Webkit to…
… make it work.
@fbfactory fbfactory Edited Travis config to run specs with xvfb. b8dbf69
@fbfactory fbfactory Replaced capybara-webkit with poltergeist to get better support for T…
…ravis. It was not without cons though, had to set some values in the spec with jquery since poltergeist gave me all sorts of trouble.
@fbfactory fbfactory Removed config.use_transactional_fixtures = false since it wasn't nec…
@fbfactory fbfactory Changed DatabaseCleaner settings not to mess with mongoid. 756d737
@mshibuya mshibuya Some improvement of specs 5f5f10c
@mshibuya mshibuya Fix spec failures 9ef1cc8
@mshibuya mshibuya Merge branch 'optional-has-one-rails-3.x' into rails-3.x. Backport of #… b98d770
Commits on Feb 01, 2014
@RavWar RavWar Add support for font-awesome version 4 2853528
Commits on Feb 05, 2014
@mshibuya mshibuya Merge pull request #1899 from RavWar/rails-3.x-font-awesome-4
Add support for font-awesome version 4 for rails 3.x
@mshibuya mshibuya Lock dragonfly to ~> 0.9.0 for now
@mshibuya mshibuya Lock paperclip dependency 6ea044e
Commits on Apr 04, 2014
@parndt parndt Reduce repetition and fix a couple of typos. 98bc687
@bbenezech bbenezech PaperTrail 3.0.0 compatibility 0d1b54a
@bbenezech bbenezech catch and raise NameError exception 7fb08cb
@bbenezech bbenezech PaperTrail entries ordering. Fix #1840 15e7989
@vyorkin vyorkin Support for paper_trail custom version classes
@peresleguine peresleguine changed scope to find the user ae01408
Martin madsen [Minor] Fix typo: explicitely -> explicitly
In exception thrown by the paper_trail auditing adapter.
@mshibuya mshibuya Merge pull request #1948 from yuroyoro/backports_paper_trail_support
Backports PaperTrail compatibility and other fixies to rails-3.x
@mshibuya mshibuya Add 2.1.1 to Travis matrix 6c31cb4
@mshibuya mshibuya Fix spec failure 992d962
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