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Ability to remove items from the navbar #1073

dogweather opened this Issue Apr 9, 2012 · 3 comments

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In our installation, we believe that the navigation bar is very confusing for the end user. Our users are business managers, not techies:


  • We want to remove the Gravatar. The default image is a very distracting bright blue that resembles an on/off button, inviting users to click it, without effect. We believe the gravatar only makes sense for certain user populations, and not ours.
  • We want to remove the Dashboard link. We find it redundant, since the link on the far left fulfills the same role.
  • Finally, in our app, we use the language, sign in and sign out. Not log in and log out. Devise also apparently uses this language by default. We need to standardize this, and this we need a way to remove or change the Log out button's text.

That can be achieved by coping _secondary_navigation.html.haml to your app's app/view/layouts/rails_admin/ and editing in the way you want.
Isn't it enough?


Awesome - I'll try that out.

nthj commented Apr 13, 2012

Or, you could throw some custom CSS in there to clean things up. Then you won't have to re-copy _secondary_navigation.html.haml whenever rails_admin updates it.

The sign-in language should be changeable via the rails translations.

@mshibuya mshibuya closed this Apr 17, 2012
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