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Other custom text editors? (markdown via MarkItUp) #1235

Tuckie opened this Issue July 03, 2012 · 2 comments

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Tuckie Mitsuhiro Shibuya
Tuckie commented July 03, 2012

After seeing the codemirror pull: #1164 I was wondering how difficult it would be to add other client side editors into rails admin?

I'm looking at incorporating markdown support into my application, but a little extra assistance via MarkItUp is probably going to be needed.

Looking at code changes that was required, it doesn't appear to be very modular. Is there a better way to cleanly integrate different editors (maybe just as a markdown field type)?

Mitsuhiro Shibuya

I agree with the notion that it isn't modular. We should clean it up.

Separating each of richtext supports into different classes, like in meta code

class RailsAdmin::Config::Fields::Types::CKEditor < Text; end
class RailsAdmin::Config::Fields::Types::CodeMirror < Text; end

will improve modularity, although problem will be still left in JS logics in

Is there anyone who is up to this task? :)

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