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Running Javascript after Ajax-request does not work #1288

DarthMax opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Max Mitsuhiro Shibuya

I am using RailsAdmin-MapField to display a LatLon-Pair in Railsadmin. Its working fine if the page that shows the Map is loaded completely (e.g by reloading the page via "F5"). But when the edit page is called via Ajax request I get an JavaScript-Error:

ReferenceError: google is not defined

In fact the needed JavaScript file from google is loaded by the browser, but it seems that it is not parsed.
I have tried this with a clean RailsApp and this reproduces the error.

I am running into the same problem, when I try to add JavaScript-Code to a Custom Action. The JavaScript added to the view is not called, when I call the page via Ajax request.

I'm running on rails 3.2.7 and the latest railsadmin version

Mitsuhiro Shibuya

Yeah, rails_admin_map_field appears to be not up to RailsAdmin's Pjax utilization.
Please submit issue to rails_admin_map_field developers.
It is maintained independently by different maintainers.

Mitsuhiro Shibuya mshibuya closed this
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