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Add method to field for sorting an association #1395

fingermark opened this Issue Nov 14, 2012 · 11 comments

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Rails_admin has correctly detected my belongs to association. Unfortunately, I do not see a way to sort/order these elements. As a result, I have a select box of states that are not ordered by state name.

I saw someone else ask a question on Google Groups on how to sort this association. No replies.


It's really bugging me that I can't figure this out. Is there a short term solution I could use until something like this gets added?


Also, maybe add the ability to specify which field (or method) to display as the value.

@bbenezech bbenezech closed this Nov 15, 2012

Thanks. I actually tried that, but could never get it to work. I'd output the results to the log file and see the elements sorted. But the rendered dropdown/autocomplete still had them unsorted. Here's the code I used:

config.model 'Location' do
  configure :state do
    associated_collection_cache_all false  # REQUIRED if you want to SORT the list as below
    associated_collection_scope do
      location = bindings[:object] { |scope|
        # scoping all Players currently, let's limit them to the team's league
        # Be sure to limit if there are a lot of Players and order them by position
        scope = scope.where(state_id: location.state_id) if location.present?
        scope = scope.reorder(' ASC') # REorder, not ORDER scope.inspect

Also, how does it know what field to render for the option text?

I think something like options_from_collection_for_select would be nice instead.

kbaum commented Jan 3, 2013

I am getting undefined method associated_collection_scope

Using rails_admin 0.3


@fingermark @bbenezech Could we reopen this?

I discovered why sorting using associated_collection_scope doesn't work

It's because of this line

When it builds the association, after attaching the user-defined collection scope, it then calls get_sort_hash, which always ends up overriding the user-defined sorting proc.

As far as how to fix it, I'm not sure.

@mshibuya mshibuya reopened this Jul 3, 2013

I'm also affected by this issue.


I've worked around this issue with the solution in these two commits. Please let me know if this is a solution you'd like me to submit a pull request for. (I'd have to make sure this change works with the most current release, as these changes are to an earlier version of rails_admin.)



I don't understand how your fix works? I want to use it!

LucasAU commented Apr 8, 2015

A simpler option is working for me - not sure if it's general enough to work for you, but it might be worth a try. I was looking over the get_sort_hash private method in the MainController ( and noticed it was looking at model_config.list.sort_by.to_s.

So what worked for me was:
(a) no change in the configuration of the Location model (ie. no associated_collection_cache_all or associated_collection_scope config)
(b) configure the State model to have a sort_by defined under list, ie:

config.model 'State' do
  list do
    sort_by :name

This will also effect the default ordering when looking at the State list, but that's probably not a bad thing.

monkseal commented Jun 5, 2015

@LucasAU Thank you! just wanted to confirm your solution works.
Mine came out as:

config.model 'Organization' do
  list do
    sort_by :name
    field :id
    field :name
    field :email
    field :phone
    field :website

Not entirely related but I was able to get rid of the 30 record limit by making a change to the configuration of the field

field :organization do
  associated_collection_cache_all false
  associated_collection_scope do { |scope|
      # returning the full scope prevents the limit from being applied

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