I found that rails_admin use rack-pjax. but there is problem in pjax #1435

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when I read rack-pjax gem's github, in rack-pjax's issues i found a title with "his doesn't seem to work with jQuery 1.8.1 (or 2)"

link is here : eval/rack-pjax#18

I look at my app's gemfile.lock rails_admin use rack-pjax

is there a problem in rails_admin when use pjax to load content.


I have this issue as well as far as I can tell from the text of this bug... I have the latest version of rails_admin and it seems like pretty much everything works, except paging. The links are there just fine, yet clicking on them does nothing. There's no way to move through the different pages. I have paging elsewhere in the app that does work just fine. So that leads me to believe it's rails_admin specific and potentially pjax.

Here's a copy of a link:


the problem I found is : there is a gem which name is 'bootstrap-kaminari-views' which have a error for paging

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heaven0sky, what was your issue with bootstrap-kaminari-views?


Hello, just had this problem after a bundle update. After reading this issue and #1413 I realized my kaminari gem got updated to 0.16.0. I moved kaminari to 0.15.1 and the problem was resolved.

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