NoMethodError - undefined method `rails_admin_default_object_label_method' for #<Hash:0x007fb59db6f9e0> #1552

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deiga commented Mar 5, 2013

I've just started getting these with some of my models and don't really know why.
I just added a polymorphic relation to one model, could that be a culprit?

OS X 10.8.2
Ruby 2.0.0-p0
Rails 3.2.11
rails_admin 0.4.5
mongoid 3.1.2


I got the same error message with 'embeds_many' in the model.


Hi, my issue is about embeds_many problem but could also contain a workaround for you:


mshibuya commented Sep 3, 2016

Merging into #1552.

@mshibuya mshibuya closed this Sep 3, 2016
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