Serious coupling issues with bootstrap and less #1592

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hey there, great gem but the reliance on bootstrap/less/gems is causing major headaches.

Can this be de-coupled as an option, like rails_admin.config.use_static_bootstrap? It seems silly that css would break the whole thing.


alanjcfs commented Apr 3, 2013

Rails_admin uses bootstrap-sass as a dependency, not less. Not sure if I can help, but do you, by any chance, have a file called bootstrap in the stylesheets directory?

Ah I see, thanks alanjcfs. Yeah I did try your troubleshooting guide but it didn't really fit my scenario... I think.

Attached is what my stylesheets directory looks like. You'll notice there's no boostrap file per say. Ideally I'd love to turn the sass off...?

Anyway, any idea you have do let me know, but don't worry about spending too much of your time. Just wondered if it was anything obvious.


Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 11 25 19 AM

hi alan, any ideas...? the error I'm getting is:

"variable @inputHeight is undefined\n (in /app/vendor/bundle/ruby/1.9.1/gems/rails_admin-0.1.2/app/assets/stylesheets/rails_admin/imports.css.scss.erb)"

sorry, you were right. I thought there had to be a file named bootstrap, but even the folder messes up. Changed the folder name to my_bootstrap and all fixed!

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