Poltergeist gem breaks JRuby build #1804

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caboteria commented Oct 21, 2013

The build has been broken since October 8: https://travis-ci.org/sferik/rails_admin/builds/12264873

It's strange since it's only broken in JRuby and it seems to be intermittent on my machine - sometimes it fails and sometimes it works. It fails consistently on Travis, though.

I tried to bisect to find a specific commit that broke things but I couldn't find a point after any of the changes committed October 8 (i.e., 30fda2a through 4e2ef25). Some of those bugs looked more functional, though, and I think were fixed in later commits but it's a little hard to tell.

At this point it's hard to move forward, though, unless we drop support for JRuby (which I don't think we want to do), revert to 975efeb, or figure out what's wrong and fix it proactively.

@ghost ghost assigned mshibuya Oct 21, 2013


mshibuya commented Oct 22, 2013

Found this in poltergeist: jonleighton/poltergeist#404
As is described there, after removing simplecov rake exit status problem disappears.

So can we just allow failure for travis JRuby builds and wait for poltergeist to fix it?


caboteria commented Oct 22, 2013

I tried disabling simplecov in jruby builds and the rake task still fails so I think the poltergeist guys might be headed in the right direction but aren't there yet. We've had a broken build for two weeks now and it makes it hard to make changes with any confidence. I'd rather revert 7bf4a77 and try again when/if poltergeist starts working on JRuby.


mshibuya commented Oct 23, 2013

Thank you for suggestion, but I decided not to stop using poltergeist because JS-enabled testing capability is long-awaited feature and don't want to lose it.
I'll keep this issue opened until poltergeist's fix is released as gem.


caboteria commented Oct 23, 2013

OK, the build looks good so I changed this issue's title to better reflect where we are now. Let's all keep it green!

@mshibuya mshibuya closed this in abf15c0 Feb 5, 2014

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