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Rails_admin depends on rails (~> 3.1.0.rc6) #680

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Since upgrading to 3.1.0rc8, I keep getting this error on bundles. I searched the archives and don't see anybody else having the same issue. Here's the output:

Bundler could not find compatible versions for gem "rails":
In Gemfile:
rails_admin depends on
rails (~> 3.1.0.rc6)

rails (3.2.0.beta)

I'm pulling from master. Any help would be appreciated!


I just changed the Gemspec manually to get it to work.


Hi. We need to up the version of rails :) Now, 3.1 final is right at the door, I'll fix this issue as soon as it's released :) (unless someone else do before me ;) Stand by for update :)


Looks like @bbenezech upped the dependency to 3.1.0 final. Please try latest master.

@jphpsf jphpsf closed this

I just tried latest master and am having the same error. Weird.


Sorry, my bad. Wrong gemset. All ok

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