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Controllers and custom actions, overriding CRUD actions. #756

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Hi everybody,

Is it possible to use controllers with rails_admin, for example, as I
would do it with activescaffold plugin, so that I can override
standard actions such as new, create, edit etc, but also can add
custom actions per controller. Actually, I am planning to make an
application that is based on rails_admin only, so that root is raills
admin root. And for admin and user authorization I am using cancan.
Now, when I add a controller, it has its own default application
layout and routes, but I like rails_admin layout and want to use it as
default and custom actions. I have seen, that somebody suggested to
add custom actions to rails_admin.rb initializer using
formatted_value, but I did not understand it. Please, could someone
explain me with examples how to add custom actions and override CRUD
actions? For example, I have a web service where I want to send a
bunch of reports to, usually, in old rails app, I would check all
reports and use a link, that executes an action and sends checked
reports to the service. Please, help!

Best regards,


Closing because custom actions are already implemented.

@mshibuya mshibuya closed this
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